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.. tribe; the Biniya. .. . . Biniya is the older sister of Biniyas younger sister, Samskruti. Samskruti would soon get married to the tribal head of the village, Malik Ibrahim. The Biniyas would have no say in their sister's marriage, and the only opportunity to get to know the boy is to go to his house. There, Biniya will meet him and get an understanding of his character. In Malik Ibrahim's house, Biniya is treated like a guest and speaks and acts like a lady ... . . Plot.  . . Biniya is viewed as a pretty girl who is innocent, pure, has a kind heart and is the ideal wife. Samskruti and her mother begin to see this innocence in her and think that she is a good girl, they think that she will be a good wife to their son. Biniya and her father also think that this is the right decision, and so Biniya .. . is married to Malik Ibrahim. According to her father, Malik Ibrahim is a wealthy man. However, he is not as wealthy as the other people in his village. The other men from the village want him to be their leader. They see his beauty and call him a 'gajarwan' (young lion) because of his good looks and strong, muscular body. They do not believe that he will be ruled by them, and therefore make fun of him by joking with him and calling him names. The young women of the village are also interested in Malik Ibrahim. One young girl named Marium leaves her parents' house to marry him, even though her parents are against the marriage. Biniya is happy that her sister is happy and that she has found love. She is content with her life and only wishes for her sister to have a good life. She does not want her sister to suffer any hardship and thinks that she has a good life. However, she is soon to be disappointed when her sister gets married. Within three months, Marium is pregnant and has given birth to a baby boy. Biniya is very surprised and is happy for her sister, but disappointed at her own father, who had promised her that she would not have a husband for two years. Biniya is then forced to live in the big, white house of Malik Ibrahim




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Blue Umbrella Hindi Dubbed Torrent

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