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Climbers have traditionally stuck to the summits. According to local ranger Randall Nix, the number of approaches has diminished considerably over the years. A prior climbing area had 24 routes, of which 8 were graded 5.10b or higher. (Archived version of on May 15, 2004, the number had increased to 60, of which 39 were graded 5.9 or higher.) Some routes, especially those started by party of fewer than five climbers, are designated an X. Routes which are graded X or worse are not recommended for one- or two-person parties. One of the best-known and most popular routes is Crack House. Prater Formation There are two conspicuous vertical ledges, one in the middle of the cliff and the other near the south end. The one in the middle is the actual cliff, and the one near the south end is the "Prater Formation", because it resembles the Prater Amusement Park of Vienna. Getting There It can be accessed via an easy but very steep approach from Easton Drive (which goes right across the top of the formation). Getting Back Routes are on the east face, so it is very easy to drive back to Easton. Parking may be very difficult. Access road has pullouts where cars can pull in and be backed out again. The Routes The topo guide to Crack House was published by Doss in May 2003. 5.8 R YELLOW LICHEN CRACK - Wide ranging crack. Start on the left and head straight up the face. It was the last climb of the night and someone just called. Un-climbable. 5.10c RYELLOW LICHEN CRACK - Finish the same as last, just up and right on the right facing face 5.10c R WACKY TABACKI - Good route with loose rock. A very nice ride all the way to the top. Climb the face on the left of the crack. 5.10b R YELLOW LICHEN CRACK - Start the same as the last and make a fist in the crack. Climb it and walk right to get to a roof. 5.10a Crack House - Climb this first, then maybe go up R Wacky Tabacki. 5.10a R JERKIN' SOCKS - good route with a few small holds. Not very close

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